OWLLib is PHP library for accessing OWL files.

If you want to check what is implemented in the library try to browse one of the available ontologies on this server.


The latest release is version 1.0. It can be downloaded from SourceForge.net


There are two packages:

  • owllib-src-{version}.zip
  • owllib-{version}.zip


This package contains everything what is on this page. To install it simply unzip all files from the zip package to the document root directory of you web server.


This package contains only the library. To install it:

  • unzip the content of the archive.
  • include OWLLib.php, OWLParser.php, OWLMemoryOntology.php
  • load ontology
  • get root class

Sample code to open ontology:

	require_once "owllib/OWLLib.php";
	require_once "$OWLLIB_ROOT/reader/OWLReader.php";
	require_once "$OWLLIB_ROOT/memory/OWLMemoryOntology.php";
	$reader = new OWLReader();
	$ontology = new OWLMemoryOntology();
	$reader->read($filename, $ontology);
	$class = $ontology->getClass($id); 

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